A biotechnologist, who dared to live her zero waste dream...

Meet Carole Schante, a biotechnologist & a Zero-Waste activist who dared to show up for what she believes in! With clear mind and determination, she launched first Zero-Waste meeting in Basel in October 2016. Since then this group is growing consistently and has organized various activities.

Thank you Carole for showing up & being an inspiration!

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Creating her own life...an interview with Aleksandra

January 2016, we first talked about her job, career and her passion for art…she spoke about her dream of exhibiting her paintings in an Art Exhibition…just over a year, in April 2017 she has already participated in “artexpo New York”, two more coming up this year in Europe. What’s more? Publication of her art biography and two chosen art works in an art book “Current Masters 2” from curators of World Wide Art Books in US! Wow…Way to go Aleksandra!

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Turning fascination into a bigger purpose- the Protsaah way!