As the year 2017 runs into its last quarter Dare to GmbH provides you an opportunity to reflect on what has gone by & co-create what’s in front of you.

This offer is valid only until 22nd December 2017!

This is your space for reflecting on your life in general, or on any specific event in your life, integrating your learning and co-creating future possibilities. Help yourself with developing different perspectives and points of view. This will be facilitated by the experienced certified coach. Each time slot is of 45 minutes. One can book maximum two time slots for oneself.

Who can participate?

This is open for all age groups, all gender & for people from all walks of life. You can participate individually or as a couple or together in a group of maximum 4 people. 

What is your investment?

Your own time, presence and CHF 35 per time slot of 45 minutes.

The offer is valid starting from 16th October 2017 until 22nd December 2017. To send your appointment enquiry click on ENROLL NOW and we will connect back with you.