We offer workshops to corporations, organizations, and group of individuals who are seeking personal transformations or who wants to manage change and transition into a new reality. These are designed to suit a group's needs and thus the duration can vary from one day to one week. A clear action plan is developed and participants commit to their actions at the end of the workshop.

1. Group Coaching and Coach Training

Happy and excited to announce our new offer- Group coaching and Coach Training! Starting from February 2020, we are offering our coaching training and education in the English language.

The practical and experiential coaching consists of 5 modules to be completed in 6 months. This course is designed for all the people in general who interact and work with people in their daily life. The students take a practical examination and receive a course completion certificate at the end of the 5th module.

What do you learn in PLI Coaching training and education?

  • Bring Self-awareness, construct your own vision by cutting through inner filters and build your own reality.
  • Effective Self-development through the solution-oriented approach. There is this fundamental shift in interacting with people and empowering them to find the solution instead of focusing on the problem.
  • The systemic approach, which opens up a whole new perspective towards the topic of relationships, dealing with others and dealing with the self.
  • How to deal with mental stress and get back into inner balance?
  • How to prevent a burnout situation?
  • Effective communication in a conflict situation.

Registration for this course has already started. Call us or send us a message when you want to get a short demo or know more information. 

2. Crack Your Personal Code:

Are you feeling "stuck at one place" in your life? Be it a life transition, job & career transition, relationship or something else, not being able to decide which way to go? You have tried all possible ways and still, you are not where you want to be... You will get clarity on the most important values in your life, your purpose & inner strengths. Identify your critical voices that are holding you back and how to deal with them. Make yourself resourceful to go to your fulfilling life. 

3. Crack Your Career Code:

This workshop is specifically designed for those who are going through a job or career transition, either as a result of your own decision or re-organization at your workplace. The workshop is based on three pillars of career management:

  • Self-discovery - Visit / re-visit or develop your personal brand by discovering your personal values, your skills, strengths, and weaknesses to create your own personal profile statement.
  • Strategy - How to write a CV & a motivation letter? To create your elevator speech. How to communicate your CV & what you want? How to build your network or use social networking?
  • Execute actions - Practise "storytelling", interview techniques. Build self-confidence.

4. Are you a Human Being or a Human Doing?

In this everyday life, many people are busy completing tasks on their "to-do" list. On the contrary, there are some who are not able to decide what they want to do. How do you achieve the balance between "DOing" and "BEing" in your life that feels just perfect for you? Find your balance in this workshop with the help of different "Being" and "Doing" techniques. Make your "to do" and "to be" priorities.

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