a) Transition & Change Management

Is your organization or department going through a transformation? Be it offshoring or outsourcing, merger and integration or implementation of new processes, we take care of transition and change management activities for you at your workplace. It involves detail planning and execution of various milestones until after go-live care. Get successful transition into new scenario by engaging stakeholders at various organizational levels, enabling people with proper training and coaching and enforcing new behaviours with after go live care!

b) Boost Creativity and Innovation inside your organization

Are you looking for ways to boost creativity and innovation inside your organization? We will work with you to design change, boost creativity and innovation at your workplace with Design Thinking methodology developed by IDEO / Stanford. We facilitate creative problem solving with Human Centric Design Thinking approach.

We will be your co-creater if you are :

  • establishing a new business model or integrating different businesses or departments,
  • developing a new product or services,
  • looking for brainstorming fresh creative ideas from outsider's point of view

C) Training & skills development

We provide training and facilitate development of skills in the areas of:

  • Coaching skills for managers and team leaders 
  • How to give Feedback in a team
  • Building your capacity to be an effective business partner
  • Developing creativity at workplace
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Design the change

D) Leadership Development

“Transform and lead change by leading self” is a programme for individuals, middle managers, senior leaders, executives, team leads, consultants and business owners who want to bring their own personal human touch in their leadership. Learn to lead with personal impact by overcoming inner conflict and engaging with others to inspire them. 

"Leadership begins with YOU", and therefore in this programme you work on:

  • Your own conscious or unconscious resistance to change
  • Your inner place consisting of own assumptions, blind spots
  • New possibilities, new realities and resonating choices
  • your decision making to help you in your job and other parts of life!

Let's connect to discuss your needs and we will deliver a customised programme for you. Contact us now and we will get back to you soon.