Coaching & facilitation with Vinay! 

>You have to let yourself in<

I am your guide on your creative journey and I LISTEN TO YOU! I listen to your stories and challenges in life, your feelings and emotions, your dreams and passions, where you are stuck and what is holding you back, your inner critic voices and sabotaging thoughts. I listen to all of that to help you overcome that resistance, build your resilience and positively design and create your life around your ideas.

I believe in living life to one's full potential and one should enjoy not just the destination but also the journey towards it. Whichever area you want to work on (destination) you will enjoy the process (journey) while working with me. Be ready - to experiment, to get challenged, to feel vulnerable, to get nurtured, to be playful and to be confident... Most importantly be ready to hold yourself accountable for your actions as I WILL BE HOLDING THE MIRROR FOR YOU!

I love working with 4 sets of E's:

  • Empathetically engage with clients,
  • Empower and Encourage them with the tools and techniques
  • Embrace change with learning and accountability.

As a Co-Active Coach, I believe in Co-Active model in its entirety. Everyone is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and all answers to our challenges are within us. I focus on empowering you, making you resourceful to find answers to the challenges you are facing in your life. On this journey, you will unlock your unique gifts and talents, build resonance with your inner strengths, energy and deal with resistance, inner critical voices, and patterns.

Coaching is an empowered relationship between me as your coach & you as my client where we both contribute with our 100% commitment. This relationship focuses on your agenda, what you want to achieve and how much value you want to get out of it. 

I promise my 100% commitment to bring my trustworthiness & authentic self to create a non-judgemental & safe environment for your transformation!

This coaching process is flexible and can be done “face to face” (in-person meeting), or over a telephone call or over a video call via skype / zoom.  I do travel to different countries across continents to conduct workshops. I ensure full confidentiality regarding your identity, your topics, and information provided to me. (All testimonials on this site are published only after consent from those who provided them).

Go ahead, fill your contact details and send it to us to have a free conversation with me. Let's get connected NOW!  

What is coaching?

Check out this video from ICF to know more about coaching...

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