Dear Vinay,

I have truly enjoyed our coaching sessions. You have helped me to reflect and find out what is authentic and important to me, how I want to be seen as a leader and helped me find tools and areas that I need to work on to become the leader I want to be. Besides actions specific to the areas that I wanted to develop as a leader I also take away a lot learnings that will help me coach my team. Seeing your coaching style in action and experience the power of true coaching has given me a lot of tips on how to become a better coach. I was extremely proud when some of my team members end of year said that they have gained a lot from my coaching. That is definitely thanks to our conversations. I of course have a long way to go before I am close to your expertise but hope to continue on that journey. Thank you so much for your wonderful coaching and guidance. It has been a pleasure 😊.

Strategic Sourcing & Governance Lead in a Pharmaceutical Multinational

My coach Vinay Deshpande made the difference. He was very professional and helped me a lot both as a consultant and as a coach by helping me both on a practical and motivational level. His skills and knowledge in the field made a big difference from day one and in all subsequent sessions. He supported me professionally and with empathy in all stages of the process, also planning meetings on a short notice request. He was great support and motivational coach!

Sales support in Industrial Engineering industry

CORE assessment is a good tool to assess not just your strengths but potential derailers. Vinay has a good understanding and expertise to understand the results as well as explain those in a simple manner. He has a great ability to connect various aspects of the results and focus on the strengths of an individual besides providing valuable guidance. It is a good opportunity for anyone seeking professional advice about personality. I would definitely recommend Vinay for this job.

Amit Deshpande
Serialization & Product Tracking expert

I want to thank you for everything you did for me and everything I learned from you.

That gave me the strength and confidence to find a new job position.

Mechanical Engineer in a MNC

I have worked with Deshpande Vinay. The meeting with Vinay was successful cooperation.

He had many good ideas. He was very professional. I would recommend working with Vinay to anybody who is looking for a professional coach.

Karolina W.
System Engineer in a MNC

My personal coach Vinay Deshpande was very helpful. He's an outstanding professional and person, always available when I needed help. He reviewed my application documents, but more than this he created a truthful relationship, made me comfortable with myself, with my situation and gave me the opportunity to discuss without filters. He gave me very good insights taking into account my whole situation, both professional and personal. Excellent coaching, thank you very much!

Engineer, Multinational company

Dear Vinay, 

I thank you again deeply for your amazing coaching which has helped me a lot in finding my way out of a dark place!

The coaching came at a much needed time of my life when I was feeling stuck, confused, and limited. It was a gentle process I could be part of when I could accommodate the time, and it was worth every second I spent. I feel deeply grateful to be able to personally experience the transformative effect of coaching at its best. I was provided with concrete tools and guided through exercises that I can continue to use beyond the coaching, for which I am so grateful for, as it illustrates that this is the type of coaching and coach that does not seek to make you dependent but very much independent and self-reliant.

Vinay, you helped me get to the root of it all, guided me through and out of the black hole I was in and did it in a way that empowers me and builds my ability and confidence in a sustainable way. The exercises he used were powerful and transformative and could be applied across many life situations and emotions. His ability to perceive and sense my state of emotion and energy, or the lack thereof, was uncanny. I could fully trust him in the path and methods he employed to guide me through it.

As a result of the coaching, I felt supported, no longer isolated; free, capable and confident. I am able to observe my thoughts and emotions, be with them when possible, let them manifest and pass through and find my peace after it.


I had the pleasure to meet with Vinay for 2 hours recently. Not only was he extremely friendly and knowledgeable, he immediately made me feel relaxed, gained my trust and I felt I could talk in a very open way to him. In my career I have encountered very few coaches who made me feel at ease from the beginning.

His character is supportive, confident and quietly friendly with a passion for enthusiasm and a realistic, positive attitude.

Vinay was a very good listener and provided me with invaluable tips and guidance on work/life orientation/transition. I appreciated his clarity of thought and his quietly positive approach.

He followed up the meeting by providing me with contacts and useful industry links. His advice on personal branding made a lot of sense. 

I would highly recommend him as a career consultant, business coach or as someone to follow through the internet networking community. 

Paul Macefield
Business Development professional

Dear Vinay,

I really appreciate the coaching sessions with you and I could and still can feel and recognize a very important change. I feel that I am back on my way into the "flow" what hadn't been like this before I started the coaching with you.

Your coaching methodology, tools & techniques where very helpful and suitable for each situation. I really liked those cards we used once and I will organise them for myself, too. It's a very good and helpful tool. Also the use of the flipchart is great because it is good to bring all the ideas down on paper, to see them and also to structure/organise them. I really liked the instruction/guidance to meet my personal captain - I have been very surprised how easy it worked. Your way of asking and listening was also perfect - a good combination of different tools, your experience and way of being a coach was perfect for me. I felt very comfortable and motivated to be open and working on my personal issues. 

I liked working with you because you had a very respectful and professional way to act as a coach. You gave me the time I needed to think about certain issues and you asked good questions. I felt very comfortable und could be open to work with you. In my opinion it was a great balance between talking/asking questions / using tools to move forward. You didn't use neither too much nor too less tools and like this it was a great atmosphere to work. 

Thank you very much for your support and I will come back to you if I will have more issues on which I would like to work on. And I will definitly recommend you to friends, colleagues,... ! It was a great and very helpful experience working with you.

Stefanie Wenk
HR Professional

I met Vinay in a networking event and I was impressed, how easily I could communicate with him regarding my goals and problems. I reached out to him when I really had a tough time during my professional / personal front(The time which every one goes through in a our life cycle, when we know what we want and but still cant get it, when our focus is diversified). At this time I seeked the help of Vinay and I am impressed by his approach , working style and pragmatic understanding of human nature and quickly understanding a person aspiration. He helped me in CHANNELISING MY THOUGHTS INTO ONE FOCUS POINT within one session, which helped me in overcoming my hurdles. Since then I am working with him. Vinay is like a medicine which will work , but you will only know once you try it. Wish you Best of Luck Vinay. it is a pleasure working with you.

Pre-Clinical Researcher

Vinay has been a great coach for me at a moment when I really needed the support and guidance to make a career change in my life, get out of the beaten path, challenge the autopilot mode and follow my passion and at the same time remain calm in the process.

I really benefited from the methods he used and the questions he asked me or made me ask myself. He adapted the sessions to my needs of the moments, keeping a balance of tackling immediate daily challenges, disappointments and stress, as well as working on a perspective and path to move forward towards a career shift.

Today, many months after the coaching sessions, they still have a lasting impact and help me think more clearly about what I am doing and where I am going. I now managed to make a complete career shift and follow my passion of environmental action still using my skills and experience as a scientist.

Scientist, Environmental specialist in a Pharmaceutical company

The few coaching sessions I had with Vinay helped me to be more conscious of my feelings, of my needs. I am more self-aware and encouraged to follow my way. Even when the situations outside don’t help, I have now the ability to find the strength inside me and keep going.

Judith Solanas
Customer Service expert in a Logistic company

Vinay was my coach when I was desperately looking for my next career step. He was very organized and it was very pleasant to work with him. I appreciated his calm but yet powerful presence and his ability to really ask the right questions. He held me accountable to the tasks we agreed upon but was also flexible and alert enough to notice when it was important to solve another perhaps deep-rooted issue. Above all I felt that he really cared about me as a client. I highly recommend Vinay as a coach.

Lesley Mousa
Post-graduate student in Intercultural Business Communications with TESOL

I would like to take the opportunity to endorse Vinay Deshpande with all my enthusiasm after we have completed a half-year coaching session together. I have known Vinay for several years through my previous role, where he was one of my closest business partners in the controlling area and I had an excellent work relationship with him. I was always impressed with his incredibly professional, insightful and polite ways of working. When I arrived to a situation in my career around the beginning of 2015, where I needed dramatic transitions and changes, he offered me his invaluable support. We had numerous sessions together in order to identify performance issues and gaps: the blockers or “saboteurs” which have been holding me back. By providing the objective view of the third person, he managed to build up my confidence and negotiation skills by asking the right questions and challenging me on the areas I needed to develop or consider differently. In addition, he provided excellent and prudent advice by preparing me for difficult situations and questions during my job-searching process. He supported me to detect some blind-spots, those habits and characteristics, which I did not even realize (or took seriously enough) and I got a better understanding, how people perceive my actions. His sessions helped me to grow beyond those issues, which were steering me into one of the most challenging times in my career. As a final result, I managed to find a new job at another company where I receive the missing key elements I was looking for. Also, I feel much more in control of my own life both professionally and privately. I am really thankful to Vinay for supporting me on this journey and I can highly recommend him for everyone who is looking for professional or personal development. His great listening skills and empathy will guide everyone to come up with the perfect resolutions themselves. His wealth of experience and remarkable insights will be a perfect fit for all of us who wants to perform even better. When requested, I am happy to refer personally for further details.

G. Zelena
Sr. Finance Manager in Pharmaceutical Company, Zurich, Switzerland

I participated in "A date with yourself workshop" with Vinay & Melanie. The workshop lasted the whole day and still felt like few hours only. Both of them make you feel comfortable and encourage you to dig into your saboteur and help you to define what needs to be done in order to work on yourself. I have a much better insight on myself and would definitely recommend to do the workshop.


I attended "A date with yourself" workshop with Vinay & Melanie. Their workshop & coaching give you concrete actions & tools that allows you to grow as a person and solve situations that are difficult for you.

Andrea Widmer

Vinay Deshpande had delivered Career Management guidance to the final year students in our Gaurishankar Polytechnik College. With professional presentation & effective communication style, he helped students to critically reflect on their goal and start preparing for the next step in their career. Looking forward to have more such association with him.

Sudhir Tanksale
Training & Placement HoD, Gaurishankar Polytechnik, Satara, India

During 6 months I have been a client of Vinay Deshpande and received regularly coaching sessions. The sessions were really exciting and I realised how my abilities develop through our conversations. I got more self confident, were able to organise my daily routine and long run plans much better than before. I learned how to present myself efficiently on carreer platforms and create a good curriculum vitae. Vinay is a great listener, and asks the right questions to provoke my thinking. He has helped me to prioritize and focus on my goals. His professional ethics are of great quality and fun to work with. I am grateful and I highly recommend him.

Jakab Toth
Works in Aviation Industry, Basel, Switzerland

Vinay has incredibly professional, insightful and polite ways of working. When I needed dramatic transitions and changes in my career, he offered me his invaluable support in numerous sessions. We identified performance issues and gaps: the blockers or “saboteurs” which have been holding me back. By providing the objective view, he managed to build up my confidence and negotiation skills by asking the right questions and challenging me on the areas I needed to develop. We detected some blind-spots, those habits, which I did not even realize. I got better understanding, how people perceive my actions. These sessions helped me to grow beyond those issues, which were steering me into one of the most challenging times in my career. Highly recommended for everyone who is looking for professional or personal development.

Gyuri Zelena
Sr. Finance Manager in Pharmaceutical Company, Zurich, Switzerland

I had the pleasure of attending the coaching sessions of Vinay Deshpande. Vinay is a coach who is open and curious to grasp your ideas and help you to develop in every aspect of your life. In my case, Vinay helped me to see things from a different perspective and has helped me to establish my priorities and my profile with regard to my professional life and career. Vinay as a coach is a good listener and asks questions, which may seem difficult to answer, but in fact, are very though-provoking and thus helps you enormously to review your mindset or some blockages with regard to the realisation of yourself or your plans. All in all, I strongly recommend Vinay not only as a good coach, but as a person who you can trust and rely on, always giving his sincere hint.

Aleksandra Bzdzikot
Lawyer, passionate artist, Zurich, Switzerland

Being insecure about what I really want and in which direction my life should go I had signed up for the workshop "Crack your personal code" with Vinay and Larysa. The workshop was very interactive with both coaches complementing each other in an awesome way. They used various coaching techniques including visualization and meditation which helped me to point out the most important values in my life. With this knowledge I got clarity what decisions I would make and what steps I had to take towards my personal fortune. I would recommend this workshop to all people who struggle with decisions and want to learn about their values, inner strength and qualities.

Flavia Chiaramonte
Orthodontist, Basel, Switzerland