Brene Brown - Listening to shame

Another Ted talk by Brene Brown: In this she talk about "shame"

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Simon Sinek - Why -How- What

Check out on this link Simon Sinek talk about "Why"

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Brene Brown - The power of vulnerability

An excellent Ted talk by Brene Brown in which she talks about "the power of vulnerability".  "Vulnerability is the birth place of creativity and innovation" she says and that's resonates with me.

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Brian Miller - Magically connecting with anyone

An excellent TedTalk by Brian Miller on connecting with anyone through technique of perspective taking. He says "Life is about connecting and connecting is all about taking others' point of view."

It's not enough to care about somebody, it's not enough to understand them but they MUST FEEL understood, they HAVE TO FEEL cared about!

Get inspired to connect with anyone magically...

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